Teacher Training

1. Salient Features of National Education Policy 2020
2. Digital Learning and Management
3. Anger free schools
4. Experiential Learning in Practice
5. Importance of Gratitude
6. Understanding Multiple Intelligence
7. Hindi Bhasha Me Lekhan Tatha Sahitya Srijan
8. Happy Teacher Creates Happy Classrooms
9. Joyful Mathematics
10. Pre-school Teaching Methodology
11. Essential Components of a Lesson Plan
12. Teaching Strategies in Hindi (Secondary Level)
13. Teaching Strategies in Mathematics (Secondary Level)
14. Teaching Strategies in English (Secondary Level)
15. Basics in Accountancy
16. How to write application/ letter in Punjabi
17. Story Telling in Classroom
18. Connecting and Communicating with Parents
19. Essential Components of a Lesson Plan
20. Teaching and Learning Styles
21. Content and Time Management
22. Digital Library
23. Environmental Education in Practice
24. Understanding Gender and their Relationship
25. Effective Communication Skills
26. Teaching Strategies in Punjabi, Lgan, Lgakhar and word formation
27. Addressing Challenges in Post COVID Schooling
28. Cyber Security and Ethics
30. Gamification in Learning
31. Story Telling in Classroom
32. Developing Scientific Temperament
33. Values Education and its Significance
34. Embracing Multilingualism in Classrooms
35. Focusing on Competency Based Education
36. Addressing Socio-Emotional Needs of Students
37. Addressing Socio-Emotional Needs of Students
38. Importance of Personal Hygiene and Nutrition
39. Stress Management Techniques
40. ADOPT A Digital Online Programme for Teachers - Children Safety in Schools